The Business of Kindness

Visiting the street-wear influenced “Seek” trade fair in Berlin last month, I discovered the new and ultra contemporary bag brand from Denmark, Kintobe. With a business based around human connectivity through product and initiative, this newcomer is making waves as a “Glocal” brand bringing communities together. Their refreshing take on urban functionality and their passion to expand and connect the world makes Kintobe a brand that cares a lot more about positive impact than sales. With the growing concern of climate change and the increased polarisation of society, finding Kintobe gave me hope that fashion is taking a leap of faith into a new, kinder way of creating.

Carry Kindness

Featuring Kintobe’s Kin Collection products: the messenger, backpack and belt bags.

Using their circle of friends and their small community as a concept, the two founders, Anne and Michael wanted to create a brand that would actively encourage people to meet, talk and connect outside of their normal social circles. Our lives are so busy that convenience needs to function for us, and help to streamline our lives so we can focus on the importance of our personal connections.

“We wanted create a brand that sheds light on the growing polarisation in the world and maybe even does it’s humble part to change it.” 

“Say Hi” Programme

The first “Say Hi” participants – connecting Copenhagen and Aarhus

Using their brand as a social platform, Kintobe have started the “Say Hi” programme, an initiative designed to connect real people. Their “Say Hi To Strangers” ethos makes it really easy to connect with new people to discover stories and cultures that are different to people’s social circles. Starting in Copenhagen and Aarhus, anyone local can sign up to connect and speak with others, using Kintobe as the initial connection. With high hopes to expand the programme further afield, Kintobe is branching out into a new way to connect others, not just providing a new product for customers to buy into.

I love that Kintobe is focusing on making a social impact, rather than promoting the products with their sustainable attributes first. This to me is the future of sustainability: not using eco-credentials as the main driving force but as an assumed part of any new brand.


Driven from a desire to streamline modern life, Kintobe’s Kin collection is designed to be multi-functional and changeable to suit the business of the everyday. With versatile straps that give the wearer versatility and flexibility, there are multiple ways to wear the bags (over the shoulder, cross body, as a backpack etc).

Details from Kintobe’s Kin Collection

After conducting a lot of consumer research, Anna and Michael found that people rely on sports bags for their everyday commutes, but can feel a bit embarrassed or let down by their bag’s look, often bringing a change for the workplace/social evening plans. For Kintobe, the sleek and minimal design is an integral part of their design process, as they want to close the gap between smart-wear and everyday functionality.

The main material in every bag from Kintobe’s collection is made from 100% recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. They realise the journey to true sustainability is a process of reinvention, so are working hard to find production that is as kind to the environment as possible.

With their durable and functional range, Kintobe are actively working against the fast-fashion industry, creating designs are truly timeless and necessary.

You can follow and be part of their journey on their website or Instagram.

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